Theatre Intime is looking to select five mainstage shows for the 2018-2019 season! Intime offers students the unique opportunity to propose, direct, rehearse, and perform in our intimate, two-hundred seat performance space. The proposals process, in which students propose shows to direct as part of our season in the next academic year, is one of the most important components of what we do here, and we encourage anybody who is interested to think about proposing a show.

When are proposals due?

Applications for are 2018-2019 due at midnight on Sunday, April 1.

How do I submit a proposal?

Just email your proposal and script to our production manager ( Electronic submissions are preferable, but if you wish to submit a hard copy, you can put it in the box labeled "PROPOSALS" located in the Charrier Room of Theatre Intime. For additional information about the format, process, and what to include, see the proposals packet here.

What kinds of shows can I propose?

We accept proposals for pretty much anything, including plays, musicals, and original works. Starting this year, Intime will be merging its production efforts with Princeton Shakespeare Company, creating a united front in student theatre. As a result, we are looking for diverse, bold proposals that reflect both modern and classical tastes in theatre, and will be selecting at least one classic play for our season.

Can I propose to more than one theater group?

Yes! You can submit a proposal for a joint show, where the project would be potentially co-produced with another performing arts group. You may also propose different shows to different groups—for example, proposing a Shakespeare play to Intime and a musical to the Princeton University Players—but keep in mind that, barring extenuating circumstances, only one of those proposals will be selected for the coming theater season. For more details on either process, see the proposals packet.