I’d like to hold a performance in the Hamilton Murray Theater (Theatre Intime). What do I do?

Theatre Intime’s Production Manager is responsible for the theater’s schedule. All inquiries should be made directly to the Intime PM. Theatre Intime is not scheduled through the Performing Arts Council (PAC).

While we will support you as much as we can, you are ultimately responsible for your show.

What technical capabilities does Intime have?

You should always be in touch with the Intime Production Manager regarding your technical needs as what is possible varies widely based on the schedule of your show to our mainstage season. We can always provide our own lighting equipment and sound system, which can run music from a CD, iPod, or computer. We also have standing (not wireless) microphones. We have a projector and can project images or video from a PC laptop on our cyc, depending on the set for our current mainstage show. We have a full stage marley, which we can put down for dance groups. We also have a disco ball!

Does Intime provide technicians to run lights and sound during the show?

Our technical staff will show your technicians the basics of our equipment and help you out with using our space, but we are unable to provide board ops or lighting designers. To facilitate coordinating technical elements, please explain your needs in detail the Theatre Intime Production Manager. To hold a performance in Theatre Intime, you must provide the Production Manager with the name of a stage manager who will be responsible for arranging these aspects of your performance. If your performance requires light cues beyond lights on/lights off, you must also provide the Production Manager with the name of a lighting designer. If you have an opinion about how the lights should look, or you need multiple looks for “lights on,” you need a lighting designer.

Does Intime provide ticketing and front of house staff?

Yes! When you have confirmed your performance dates and times with the Production Manager, contact Theatre Intime’s Box Office Manager. If you are a student group, you are responsible for registering the event with ODUS, and the Box Office Manager will coordinate the sale of tickets through Frist. Frist (and therefore Theatre Intime) can not sell tickets for groups outside the University (although we can collect cash donations). Theatre Intime will provide you with front of house staff according to the needs of your performance. For a full show, we supply two boxers to sell tickets, two ushers, and one houser to stay through the performance in case of emergency. You are responsible for your own programs.

How can we reserve seats for alumni/special guests?

If you would like to reserve seats for your performance, the number of seats you need reserved must be emailed to the Theatre Intime Box Office Manager and Production Manager at least a week prior the performance.

What about publicity?

As part of our fee, Theatre Intime is willing to paint and put up a marquee outside the theater. We can also send out a blurb about your performance to our listserv, the Torch.

Is there a charge for use of the space?


Our volunteer student board works hard to maintain the space so that both Intime and outside group performances can happen successfully. In return for use of the space, we do charge in order to support our operations as a theater.

Cost of Tickets

Charging Admission

Free - 1 Night

Free - 2 Nights

Free - 3 Nights

Charity - Charging Admission

Charity - 1 Night

Charity - 2 Nights

Charity - 3 Nights

No Tech

20% Profits




10%, up to $75

No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

Required Tech

40% Profits




10%, up to $100





Performances designated as “tech” typically either require technical resources (hang, build, marley) or significant rehearsal time onstage. It is up to the discretion of the Intime Executive Board to determine what does and does not constitute tech. If you communicate your technical needs clearly to the Intime Production Manager, they will be able to let you know right away what the charge will be and avoid confusion later on in the process.