For over 25 years the Friends of Theatre Intime have focused alumni interest and generosity on specific capital needs of the theater. A guiding principle of their support has been to maintain the unique educational challenge Intime has presented to generations of Princeton students -- the management by students of every aspect of an artistic institution, independent of the programmatic support of the University. Over the summer of 2000 the Friends completed the "I2K" project, the largest renovation of the Intime facilities since fire gutted the building in 1933.

Joining the Friends

To Donate By Check: Please send your name and address with your supporting check, payable to "Friends of Theatre Intime" to the address below. All contributions are tax-deductible.

J. William Charrier
11601 Springridge Road
Potomac, MD 20854

To Donate Online: It is now possible to make an online donation to the Friends of Theatre Intime through the University's Annual Giving portal. In order for the Friends to receive your donation, please include the following in the comments section: “Please credit this gift to the Friends of Theatre Intime, allocation SA020”

You can access the alumni giving page here.

For more information, feel free to contact us.


J. William Charrier '69

Anne S. Charrier

Princeton University



Marvin Harold Cheiten '65 *71

Paul J. Martino *99

Peter C. Wendell '72

Robert K. Hornby '58

Seth L. Harrison '83

Stanley J. Seeger '52

Thomas Barbour '43

Waring Jones '51


Datus C. Smith, Jr. '29

Deborah Savadge

Fred W. Kittler, Jr. '70

Geoffrey B. Rich '78

Geoffrey R. Peterson '69

Jonathan Dyer '67

Jordan Roth '97

Larry G. Strichman '70

Lynn M. Wendell '77



John Chapman Chester, Sr. '52

Mr. and Mrs. Nat Robertson

Nathan F. Jones '38

Richard B. Williams '71

Rita Seplowitz Saltz

Robert H. Gleason '87

William A. Volckhausen '59

William J. Jones '57

Brian G. Zack '72

Class of 1969

Clayton T. Platt '78

David J. Milberg '85

Edward F. Wilson '63

Ginger August

Grace L. Volckhausen

Hugh G. Hardy '54


ANGEL: $500

John R. Ellis '78

Judy Rottersman

Lucy M. Hornby '95

Mark Hofflund '81

Mary Rockwell

Matthew Rauch '91

Raife B. Giovinazzo '95

Ralph Woodward '51

Rita Seplowitz Saltz

Robert S. MacFarlane '54

Ronald Tepper

Sheila Sheffield

Ted Rockwell '43 *45

Tomika N. Stevens '97

Alexander S. Tepper '01

Alfred L. Hart, Jr. '43

Anna V. Smith '97

Charles F. Nimick '44

Christopher W. Stark '96

Claude R. Engle, III '60

Daniel F. Berkowitz '70

Edward T. Cone '39 *42

Frank E. Masland, III '44

Glenn Stover '71

H. Montgomery Davis '61

John C. Vennema '70

John D. Coventry '73

John Platt '70




Jena Kirsch Joyce '85

Jon R. Lorrain '69

Karl M. Light '47

Katherine G. Dawson '94

Kathryn G. Boyle

Ken Miller '44

Kevin M. Charlton '88 (In memory of John E. Cornell '45)

Louis Anthony Martin '92

Marie and Bernard Miller

Mark W. Janis '69

Mary Patton Sarros

Mary Sarros '90

Maurice and Iona Harding

Melissa Schramm Burnett '87

Michelle L. Hopkins '90

Mitchell N. Ivers '77

Myron Ogonowsky

Norman P. Leung '98

N. Richard Hueber '55

Peter J. Derosa '95

Preston H. Tuttle

Ramaswamy Sridharan

Rita Alles

Robert J. Boyle '71

Sandy and Irv Rabinowitz

Shirley Debartolo

Stacy A. Rukeyser '91

Thomas C. Buell '49

Thomas C. Lannamann '96

Thomas H. Wright '62

William W. Holzwarth '48

Winifred Holzman '76

Adelle B. Kirk '93

Alan D. Berlind '56

A. Michael Signer '95

Anne Gilson LaLonde '90

Anne Ogonowsky

Arthur F. Miller '77

Barbara and Kenneth A. Underwood '50 *53

Barbara D. Saatkamp '95

Brian T. Bennett '00

Bryan L. Cummings '94

Burnett H. Sams

Casceil Medlin Aronson '75

Christian R. Everdell '96

Cora M. Turlish '90

Corey J. Brennan '96

David A. Rodwin '92

Dorothy L. Mares '96

Edward and Marion Kornstein

Edward R. Laws, Jr. '59

Emily E. Moore '99

Erik Barnouw '29

Erik C. Blachford '89

Francis N. Lovett '95

Genevieve S. Nestor '93

Georgine Hall

Granville Wyche Burgess '69

Hans J. Kriefall '87

Herbert and Maxine Gurk

Hunt Stockwell

James A. Gregoire '69

James McA. Horton '78

Jamye Fe M. Jamison '96