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Our Mission:

As the only student theatre on Princeton University’s campus with a permanent space that is completely administered by students, Theatre Intime is committed to producing high quality work for the Princeton student community as well as the greater Princeton area. Intime has the unique opportunity to serve as a laboratory for students’ continued development as theatre makers, promote collaboration throughout the production process, and operate as a student-driven host for the arts community on campus.

In February of 1920, a group of Princeton student thespians staged their first production. Their theater was a dormitory room. Their curtain a blanket hung over a string. An eager audience of four watched an intrepid cast of five perform a parody of Nijinski and the Ballet Russe. Theatre Intime was born. The goal for the 1921-1922 season was a real theatre building: Murray Hall, a chapel then used by the Philadelphia Society. Theatre Intime, the group that still maintains Hamilton-Murray Theater's operations, takes its name from the French word for "intimate," the best word to describe the 200-seat theater.

From aspiring playwrights to Broadway-bound actors to future professional directors, Intime has provided theatrical support and facilities for generations of Princeton students. Congregating at Intime, they work together with vigor and youthful enthusiasm to work, making their exciting dreams into realities. Since its inception, all of Intime's shows have been produced without any University support. Students are solely responsible for every aspect of the theater -- from acting to directing, fundraising to administrating.

Theatre Intime has provided the finest quality entertainment for the student body and the surrounding community for more than eighty-five years. We invite you to join us for another unforgettable season. For more information, please Contact Us, or feel free to drop by any time.

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