In a fresh, exciting adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, R.N.
Sandberg paints the picture of the memories, dreams, fantasies, and realities
of a man determined to overcome the laws of nature and the pains they cause.
His intentions are good, but as we follow him and his creature, we find that
despair waits for those who cannot reconcile their past.

Written by R.N. Sandberg
Directed by Kanoa Mulling '15

Ryan Gedrich - Victor Frankenstein
Pat Rounds - The Creature
Lagan Trieschmann - Captain Walton/Father/Professor
Evelyn Giovine - Elizabeth
Caroline Hertz - Mother/Justine/Mate

Showing December 5th - 7th and 10th at 8PM, plus a special MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE on Friday, December 6th at 11:59PM!
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